Knife Set Thirty Four Piece With Swivel Knife Block


Knife Set Thirty Four Piece With Swivel Knife Block

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If you’re a home chef (or hope to be), this knife set is the perfect tool kit. It comes with sharp steel-handled knives, a swivel knife block to keep them all organized, and a few other necessities that you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again. This is everything you should need to start preparing meals in your kitchen except a pizza cutter.

This is also a great starter
gift set for that newly married couple just starting house keeping together.

Set includes 9½” chef knife, 8″ bread knife, 8″ carving knife, 8″ chef knife, 7½” fillet knife, 7½” carving fork, 6½” utility knife, 6″ boning knife, 6″ santoku knife, 6″ cleaver, 5″ utility knife, 4½’ steak knife, 3½” paring knife, 3″ peeling knife, scissors, sharpening steel, measuring cup set, measuring spoon set, and swivel knife block to store your knives.

Item weight: 11 lbs.
Measures: 13″ x 5¾” x 15″ high.
Materials: Plastic, stainless steel, and wood.
Knives : Top rack dishwasher safe